HWPL family of peace around the world, how are you?

Today, I'm glad to celebrate HWPL's 8th Annual Commemoration of the Declaration of World Peace with all of you. Everyone, these are difficult times and I want to ask you. Are all of you safe and in good health? I wanted to ask you this. COVID-19 is rampant, but we recall the day we held the World Peace Summit before God in Seoul, South Korea. That day, we made a pledge before God and the global citizens. Everyone, do you remember? Also, we proclaimed the Declaration of World Peace to the world in front of the Peace Gate in South Korea. Today, we are celebrating the 8th anniversary of that day.

Everyone, what was our purpose? We promised before God and the whole world to put an end to wars and achieve peace to leave as a legacy for our future generations. We have been putting in much effort for this, and we are now commemorating its 8th anniversary. You have all done a great job. We are not doing it for personal reasons. The work we have been doing is for the public, for all the family members of peace around the world. Heaven and earth have been watching, and all of the people of the world will have seen and heard. That is what we have been doing.

Everyone, here at this time, there are photos that display the work I did with you and the conversations I had with you while going around the world. There are many, many photos. They are proof of all the work we have done. So, what kind of work have we been doing today? We have been working to create a world of peace without wars by transcending nationalities, ethnicities, and religions. No matter what we hand down to the future generations, there will be nothing to be joyful about it if war is not resolved and there is no peace.

So what our future generations need is a world of peace without wars. Is there anything greater than this? Who will make this a reality? It is all of us today. We must absolutely make this happen. That is why we have all become united in heart. What do we always say at the beginning and at the end whenever we meet? We say, “We are one.” We have shouted, “We are one” because it is proof that we are one within HWPL. Haven’t we all been working up until now with one unchanging heart and purpose? As long as there is a heaven and an earth, our purpose will not change. The world of peace will not change. HWPL will never change. Everyone, that is why even at this time, I cannot help but to think of all of you. I cannot help but to think of the promises I made with many people around the world. Everyone, we must achieve our goal. We must achieve it. What was the promise that I made with you? Regardless of who we are, as family members of this world, we, HWPL, have one purpose. What is it? It is that everyone becomes a messenger of peace. Isn’t this the only way to bring about world peace and cease wars?

That is why, regardless of who they are, everyone must become a messenger of peace. We have made a promise that “we are one” as the messengers of peace. We must keep this, right? We must keep it. There is also something that we can never forget. What is it? It is what we promised before God and all the people of the world. How can we ever forget this? We cannot ever forget this one thing. We will keep an eye on it, and we must fulfill it. That is why we appointed many prominent figures, including former and current heads of state, chief justices, lawmakers, and university presidents as HWPL Peace Advisory Council members. Also, what did we do with religious leaders, university presidents, heads of organizations, and journalists? With one heart and one purpose, we appointed them as HWPL Publicity Ambassadors. Why? To build a peaceful world. Isn’t that right? That is what we did. This will never change until it is completed. This goes for everyone—we will remain the same. I believe that it must be done in this way.

We are all well aware of the 10 articles and 38 clauses of the DPCW, which must become international law. Not one person has refused to support this so far. Nor has anyone criticized it. They have all said that it must be done, and it will be. Even though we are unable to go anywhere for now due to COVID-19, we will absolutely achieve our goal because our purpose has not changed. It will be fulfilled. Isn’t that right? If we have one heart and one hope, it will absolutely be fulfilled. We believe this because everyone wants to achieve this purpose, and no one is against it.

Family members of HWPL, family members of peace, let us have an unchanging heart so that we can fulfill our hope and our purpose. Let us become one and push through to the very end. It will be achieved. When we look at Earth, we can see the countless stars in the sky. There is no other place that has life like Earth. If this is not heaven, then what is? Where can we find a better place than this? This cannot be ruined because of man’s wrongdoings. Shouldn’t we make it more beautiful by taking care of it? We must put a stop to wars and lethal weapons. Why must we do this? When a war breaks out, who are the ones who sacrifice their lives? It is the youth. If that is not enough, children and students are sent. Why must we have these wars? This is why HWPL exists today under the banner of “Peace and Cessation of War.”

Family members of HWPL, let us work ceaselessly to fulfill our purpose. However, there will be those who will wonder if this is possible. Everyone, are you aware of the situation in Mindanao, Philippines? The conflict between the two largest religious groups in the world lasted for over 40 years. A 40-year conflict. How many people died? About 120,000 people died. Even with a population of 120 million people, no one was able to resolve this conflict. They could not resolve it by military force or law. Must they fight like this? Why do people have to die? I went to this conflict zone and the people there were no different than us. Because they are human, they also feel pain and happiness. That is why we promised to bring the conflict to an end and work together towards peace. They made a sickle as a symbol of turning weapons into tools for life and gave it to me. I still have it. Thus, the conflict has come to an end and a world of peace has been created. This was the first thing that was done for “peace.” The conflict in Mindanao was revived in the form of peace. If we do it, it will be done. There is nothing that is impossible. Let us all become one in this good work to create a world of peace without wars so that we can leave it as an inheritance to the future generations. We must work to the very end. We must do it.

If I make up my mind, I will do what it takes to achieve my goal, and my heart will never change. I believe that the same goes for all of you. We all must do it that way. We cannot destroy this beautiful world. Let us appreciate how beautiful it is and make it a world without wars. I believe that all of you already know what I have done until now.

There are a couple of things I’d like to talk about. Africa has 55 countries. I believe that they are listening now as well. The members and speakers of the Parliament of the 55 countries have partnered with HWPL. How did this happen? They pledged to support the DPCW and unite to build a world of peace without wars together, and they signed an MOU. In a short period of time, the people there became one with HWPL. The promise took place in South Africa where the Pan African Parliament members hold their meetings. They made a promise there.

Next, how many Pacific Island countries are there? Many leaders gathered in Australia and signed an MOU with HWPL to become one in purpose. Many organizations are working together like this. So, what is it that we are trying to achieve? It is to eventually submit the 10 articles and 38 clauses of the DPCW to the UN General Assembly, where there will be a vote. If two-thirds are in favor, it will pass. From that day on, people won’t even think about waging war on this earth. Isn’t that right? This is not just being said with words, but it is being done with actions. This must be fulfilled in reality. There will be no one who goes against this, so I believe that this will be fulfilled. Therefore, we should share more of our opinions with each other, and if you have good ideas, please send them to us. Then, we will share them with all the family members of HWPL. Let us not forget our purpose and let us make efforts to accomplish it until the day of completion with an unchanging mind.

When COVID-19 is contained, I will go to meet all of you, because we are a family, aren’t we? Since we are HWPL’s family members of peace, I will go to meet you. I will visit you to hear your voices and see your faces. I will work until the day of completion. Let us all work together. This good work will be recorded in history. Those who come after us will see. Let us work together and achieve this. Everyone, I truly believe in all of you.

Therefore, I cannot forget you, and I think of you day and night. I also think about the promises you made. As we come and go, we are always united as one in our hearts and minds. Let us not forget this one thing. I truly hope you stay healthy physically and spiritually. Your minds, hearts, and bodies must be healthy. Why? Because we are trying to accomplish HWPL’s world of peace without wars. Let us be in good health and work to fulfill our purpose. I truly thank all of you. Just as I always did in the past, I will do it together with all of you. As I lead the chant, please shout it with me. What is it? It is, “We are one!”